Do you need to raise more money?

Get a bigger piece of the pie with our P.I.E. Method Playbook

People often want to know how much money we can add to their fundraising event. We've have worked with non-profit leaders, planning committees and leadership boards to create and execute a strategic fundraising plan.

Here is what we have helped accomplish so far:

  • We have helped non-profit organizations raise more funds for over 10 years.
  • We have helped non-profit organizations raise over $30 Million.
  • We have helped double or even triple the fundraising goals of over 300 events.

We are able to do this because of the innovative fundraising strategy that we like to call the P.I.E. Method. The P.I.E. Method focuses on helping you:

  • Invite the right People
  • Provide the right Items
  • Create the right Energy

We're Here To Help You Raise More Money


An Innovative Event Fundraising Strategy by Fund Your Org


Learn about the P.I.E. Method in order to simplify and optimize your fundraising plan. P.I.E. stands for People, Items and Energy.


Through experience, our team has learned that an organization will maximize fundraising efforts at an event if the right People attend, revenue generators involve the right Items, and vibrant Energy excites the room about the organization’s mission.