Who Is Fund Your Org?


Fund Your Org is an event fundraising company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma,that has raised over $30 million for non-profit organizations over the past 10 years. Rick Miller founded Fund Your Org based on his success in advising non-profit leaders, planning committees and leadership boards on how to create and execute a strategic fundraising plan.

Fund Your Org adds value by collaborating with your organization and understanding the mission and goals for the event.  We are not just an auctioneering company, we are an integral part of your fundraising planning process and strategy. Our experienced staff and auction teams have doubled and even tripled the event fundraising goals at over 300 events.

Our innovative fundraising strategy centers around the P.I.E. Method. By focusing on having the right People, Items and Energy, organizations can implement fundraising strategies that maximize revenue generation at their fundraising events. Using the P.I.E. Method, Fund Your Org reverse-engineers your event, helping you exceed your organization’s fundraising goals.