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Better Fundraising

Learn how you can get a bigger piece of the P.I.E. at your next fundraising event.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Everything that we do starts with an initial consultation. It is important for us to understand your organization’s mission and the fundraising event that you are planning.  

We offer a 60-90 minute initial consultation that walks you through our P.I.E. Method and how we will use it to build a strategic fundraising plan for your event. Using past results and future goals, we will reverse engineer your event to exceed your fundraising results.

We represent clients that we can stand behind. We represent organizations that are reputable and whose success means benefiting great causes.  

Together, we will identify if you will benefit from our services. If we agree that our services are a good fit for your organization, we will begin to develop a strategic fundraising plan for your event.

How Does Fund Your Org Help?


Charity auctions require careful planning and attention to the details that result in success. We engage first with our clients to understand their mission. It is our belief that understanding a client’s mission and representing it appropriately is the first step in the process. Additionally, we provide pre-event consultation and training. By encompassing the mission with our expert consultation, we can develop the strategies necessary to increase your financial results!



Pre-event consultation allows our team to learn about your organization, event goals and donor base.  We reverse engineer your fundraising event in order to exceed the goals you set. We aim to significantly increase your fundraising results through innovative methods that generate revenue.



Understanding and creating a mission-centric fundraising plan has proven to be a best practice for charity events.  We spend time collaborating with your event leaders in order to execute the fundraising strategy. We learn about your organization’s network and resources in order to simplify the planning process.  



We provide training for non-profit employees, boards, committees and volunteers to maximize fundraising opportunities at events.  Whether it’s a networking event, a board retreat, webinar or workshop, we aim to offer innovative ideas that increase your fundraising results.  



Our auction teams provide expertise and energy at the event.  Our event consultants are experienced to recognize fundraising opportunities throughout the event.  Our auctioneers and ringmen are trained and prepared professionals who know how to optimize fundraising at a charity event.




12 Insanely Useful Tip for Your

A charity auction is a popular type of nonprofit fundraising event. During an auction, nonprofits raise money through taking bids for auction items and then selling each item to the donor who places the highest bid.

YWCA Purple Sash Review

Purple Sash has been YWCA Oklahoma City’s major fundraising event and 2018 is the best yet: 680 guests and $475,000 raised. This 15th annual Purple Sash took place downtown at The Criterion and offered silent and live auctions and a delicious dinner. CK & Co./Live, runway models and dancers, provided entertainment.

How to Turn Your Fundraising Event Attendees into Donors

Spring and fall is the season of gala events or so it seems. And, rightly so, the weather is just beautiful these times of year. I am often asked by organizations that are holding galas or other fundraising events, what is the key to turning event attendees into loyal donors?