Fund Your Org takes the guesswork out of using consignment items to maximize the revenue potential of your fundraising event.  We work with varied consignment companies so that we can find the right item for you.  Whether you want a specific vacation experience or you want to offer a “choose your destination” option, we can help identify a package that will correlate with the donor desires and capacity at the event.   

It is important that you consider donor budgets at the event.  Putting a consignment item valued at $5000 in an event that hasn’t had a live item go for more than $3,500 presents the risk of not selling the item at all.  

Consider surveying previous attendees during the planning stages to see what they are wanting in the live auction and what their budgets allow. We suggest using a consignment that will give you earnings of at least $1,000.  

A benefit to consignment is that you can typically sell the item/package multiple times. Therefore, if you have earned $1000 on the bid amount, you could sell it to 3 bidders and gain $3000.

Overall, FYO strongly suggests finding donations first and fill in gaps with consignment options.  

Click here to contact us about featured packages and consignment companies.  We will be in touch soon. We want to help you find the right items for your event!